Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Taejongdae on a Windy Day

My first day trip to Busan in more than three years with my great new friend (chingu), HyoSoon, proved to be one of my more precious and unforgettable days in Korea thus far, that is not including my bungee jumping experience in Seoul. Besides having betrayed my Western clumsiness while eating rawfish (hoe) at a Heaundai Beach restaurant (I'm still learning to be Korean), we spent some magic moments at Taejongdae and later again at the Gaya Festival in Gimhae. Taejongdae, named after King Taejong Muyul (654-661) of the Silla Dynasty, is a famous attraction with amusement parks galore along the Busan coast.

More about Hoe (thinly sliced Korean rawfish).

Picture taken at Taejongdae with lighthouse in the background (30 September 2006).


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