Monday, March 27, 2006

How did he do that?

"John Webb (Carte Blanche presenter): 'The Knysna police station doesn't have a very good reputation. It is widely believed to be corrupt and inefficient. In fact, one of its officers (Selwyn Bruiners) was arrested for drug dealing. He was suspended on full pay for two years, only to be reinstated and then promoted.' ... Inspector Selwyn Bruiners is a real crack cop. He's been on the force for fifteen years, eight of those as a drug addict - starting with Mandrax and then going all out on crack cocaine ..."

Selwyn replied after his arrest: "Not really. I was shocked, to be honest with you. I was shocked. Getting promoted after being suspended for two years with a full salary and all of a sudden they read my rights to me. And I know the public as well, they were shocked because a lot of my friends asked me, 'How did you get that right?' "


Comment: There was a good reason why I left the South African Police Service after eight years service. At the time I left, I was as a so-called non-designated person (read white, male and 30 something) and consequently with the bleak prospect of promotion. Five years later I have no regrets, except that I feel all but the greatest empathy for those dedicated police officers who are excluded from promotion on the basis of their race, gender and age and obedience to the law, irrespective of their skills, qualifications and most important of all their dedicated service to the communities of South Africa.

To Selwyn: You're a loser and a shame to the South Africa Police Service!

On a happy ending: Selwyn has been "suspended from the South African police service without salary or benefits."


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