Saturday, December 03, 2005

Poet please?

now that you know A publisher,
god forbid,
that at this opportune moment, I utter
a simple request.

(how pleased though to know
that you know the editor of one those
glossy mags with facial-cream ads,
the latest mobile phone fads,
tender advice for those of all ages,
all contained in silky smooth pages)

would you care?
if not for
glamour or for fanfare
to talk to those damned editors?
and bequeath your versed wisdom upon us
so we can understand the world for better or for worse
(and make this magazine a tad more interesting)
when we go to work by bus

(For Yogi)

"Nobody realizes that some people expend tremendous energy merely to be normal". – Albert Camus


Blogger Audrey said...

Through a haze of hot, coffeeless morning
running a gauntlet of washing, dishes, and
the incessant yap of neighbourhood dogs
wanting to tear out the throats
of the mielie-lady, the crismisbox-seekers
and the featherduster-man, and through
the clamour of kids wanting to see the new
harry potter movie, (shudder)
I pondered the request.
And perceived, even through the haze,
that Albert Camus must be a clever man,
to know so clearly how it is.

6:45 am  

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