Sunday, June 10, 2007

BBQ in Sinchon

Summer in Seoul 2007!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Karl~! I’m Eunice
It was very nice meeting you at this noon.
I never expect to meet you at the bakery!
I really missed you, but my English is only can work in the classroom.
So, I couldn’t express my pleased.
I never guessed changing my teacher.
So, I was sorry. I didn’t say thanks for your teaching and good-bye.

My new teacher is Ian.
I asked for him, give my good-bye to you.
Did he say that?

And I have two guy classmates!
Is it your plan for us? kkk
But they are always absent!

Anyway, your old students always want to see you!
Someday, let’s go out for dinner and drinks.

I’ll visit your blog again.


5:59 am  
Blogger Audrey said...

Dear Eunice

I think your English works very well! You had a good teacher. Perhaps Karl can teach his English friends some Korean soon! :-)

- Audrey

Dear Dio

Hello dear friend. How do I say that in Korean? Missing your emails, but since I haven't been writing any myself lately I guess I can't complain. How's the universe doing? Nebulas and black hounds all over the place this side. Got any new poems?


3:08 pm  

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